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A Boutique Company with Giant Capabilities

We are a small boutique data company that provides quick, custom segments with great accuracy and 2-3 times the scale. Having built a name for ourselves that's synonymous with data quality over the past 25 years, we provide consumer & business audience targeting you can trust.


We are committed to providing our clients with reliable, transparent and high-performing data.

  • Our data is regularly validated and scored by independent data evaluator, TruthSet, which ranks us amongst the most accurate of leading data providers for our demographic data.
  • We are verified by TAG, demonstrating our commitment to combatting fraudulent & criminal activity in digital advertising.
  • We are proud to announce we have been awarded a badge from the ANA’s AIMM for transparency in multicultural marketing.


At Ameribase Digital, nearly 50% of our PII data has at least ten matches from different sources, whilst 50% our phone data has at least two matches. What’s more, we link our data to three billion transactions daily, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Our data is sourced from a network of carefully vetted and privacy-compliant partners providing online engagements, brand signals, in-market shopping behaviors, location data, purchase transactions, registrations and form fills, surveys, voter registration, SDKs and mobile apps.

Data from each source is first scrubbed for hygiene, then verified against each dataset for extremely accurate audiences available across all channels.

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240MM Consumers

165MM Households

600MM Unique Emails

40MM Business Contacts

6B+ Global Devices


200MM+ Daily Mobile Apps, Email & Location Signals

750MM Cookies

3500+ Industry Specific Digital Audiences